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    I am so pleased to have yet another project under the belt! I questioned myself throughout the building of this unique cabinet… Was I bringing out the worn look I was aiming for? Are the proportions balanced? When you are a perfectionist , and are looking at your own work for over a week, you can really start wondering if the client will be pleased. However, when I finally installed the last of the trim from the puzzle of ┬ávarious cabinet pieces, it exceeded my own expectations as well as the expectations of the client. That’s what I’m after. Bringing smiles to my client’s faces.

    I am pleased to say there is not an ounce of MDF or particle board in this entire piece. All solid oak and premium plywood. Many times I see ways that I could save a penny or two in using more plywood than solid wood. But will never allow myself to compromise the quality of my work for the sake of pocketing more money. My dad always taught me, “Do what you love and money will come. Maybe not at first, but it will.” I am not making as much as maybe I would have hoped. Yet I strive to offer the highest quality work I can, and as my dad says, “The money will come.” In my opinion there are way too many trades guys’ looking to cut corners to save some money. I want to set myself apart from them and never work for the money, but rather for a quality product to bring about a more than pleased client.

    Next in the working, is a fireplace mantle built-in, similar to one I had built a year ago. Very excited to see it come together!

    Until then, thanks for reading and we will see ya next time!



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